Eight Most Successful Marketing Campaigns

Eight Most Successful Marketing Campaigns

When something is on the rise, more affordable and easier, we normally don’t put so much thought or value anymore hence the reason why something of poor quality comes out. The same thing rings true in advertising, the rise of technology has made everything easy and such an advantage has given birth to thoughtless marketing tactics and poorly made advertisements. In this case, consumers or customers would likely to ignore.

Perhaps everyone knows this but given the financial resources putting so much weight on the nitty-gritty details in the advertisement is more of an experiment. Later they’d understand that no amount of money can capture the attention of customers, especially when “what do I benefit from it” is not highlighted enough.

Advertisements have to stand out that even as simple as using sticker marketing with the perfect message and timing can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Here are eight companies that are doing it right. As if Sticker Marketing is the only marketing resource available for them.

REDDIT. There are more than one billion unique visitors that visit Reddit’s site.  But did you know that this was not always the case before? They started with only $500 budget for advertisement naturally they had limited advertising options. That gave birth to have their attention to using stickers instead. Their sticker campaign paid off and that brought them to the success that they have now.

CILLIT BANG.  There was an increase of 337% sales since the company implemented the sticker campaign. Cillit Bang is a household cleaner company and what they did was to place transparent stickers on a coin that was halfway cleaned by the product.

BATMAN BEGINS.  When Batman Begins was launched on TV2, their top executives thought of placing printed stickers on sidewalk lights meant to symbolize bat signal in the movies.

FOLGERS COFFEE.  The resourcefulness of this company has paid off. What they did was place a giant sticker of coffee mugs over a manhole giving an appearance of a steaming cup in the middle of the streets. People got entertained and were delighted almost giving a compulsory stop on their way to work.

UNICEF.  They wanted to use stickers to show people the importance of helping out. Instead of simply placing stickers on the walls, they had stickers reach out to people either through camouflaging on the floor, adhesives side up so it got stuck on people’s shoes, so when they try to remove it they are reminded of people on the other side.

WILKINSON QUATTRO TITANIUM. Placing stickers of men’s faces on eggs in supermarkets matched with advertising flyer on the back of the egg carton worked. Every time customers opened the carton they got a glimpse of the promotion and branding.

GILLETTEWho will ever forget Gillette? Instead of paying for their own advertising campaigns to reserve outdoors ads and signs in Manhattan they opted to place a small sticker on the ones already there. Gillette quickly gained attraction and publicity in the area.

PEDIGREEWhen they Sprayed Stickers with dog pedigree food, dogs on the streets would run to the stickers and start licking and sniffling the stickers. This sent the message to dog owners what their dogs truly wanted.

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Images by: Pedigree, Gillette, Cillit Bang, Batman Begins, Wilkinsons, UNICEF, Folgers, Reddit