Postcard Ideas You Can Try on Your Next Marketing Campaigns

Postcard Ideas You Can Try on Your Next Marketing Campaigns

Every business owners’ everyday struggle is how to keep old customers and gain more new customers. Postcard marketing is a timely and effective marketing tactic to attract these two kinds of customers. They say out with the old, in with the new but these cards are making both old and new customers keep coming back for more when you use these following promos to your custom cards. 

Postcard as product coupons

Whether you own a retail store or a restaurant, coupons can give customers a sense of urgency to try your products and services because the special offer is only available at a limited time and not a single person who doesn’t like discount coupons so take that information to your business’ advantage. 

Special sale cards

If it is your store’s anniversary or you are commemorating the Black Friday sale, giving your products at a discounted price is the smartest way to draw more customers and restock for a new set of products. Let your customers know about the sale by giving away postcards outside your store so that they will be attracted to come inside and purchase something in your shop.

New customer special discount 

This strategy is made to make your new customers feel special. It is a simple way to get more people to visit your store and make them your new set of loyal customers because you were able to establish their trust and present them with good benefits when they were just getting to know your shop.  

Birthday special cards

Celebrate with your customer’s special day and awe them with birthday discounts that will surely sweep off their feet and they will give in and be loyal to your brand. This is one of the effective ways to keep your old customers hooked on your shop.

Lay your line of products in a card

The ideal promotional tool should be handy and easy to keep. Aside from being a good material to put special sale promos, premium postcards can be a good alternative to flyers since they have a sturdy material and are handy too. You can put your business whereabouts and your line of products to give your new customers a preview of your business.

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