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Use the Psychology of Shapes in Creating Sticker Labels

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on August 14, 2020

When it comes to design directions, choosing the right shape for your business logo completes the deal. By means, knowing the best shape through a little guide of psychology can help you create the best business logo ever! Shapes don’t only stimulate your eyes but they can also stimulate your mind and influence how you perceive it. Typically professional graphic designers rely on shapes to create attractive logos and icons because a powerful logo needs to deliver the right message without saying unnecessary words to be drawn to your brand. Below, we named five commonly used shapes and the psychology behind them.

This is one of the common shapes used in logos but you’ll be amazed at how a single line can have a different effect on people. For example, horizontal lines convey rest or simply dictates continuous motion. On the other hand, vertical lines mean rising above that is why you can notice the majority of church interiors use vertical lines since they can affiliate to spiritual awakening. When used in patterns, lines can dramatically change and create an optical illusion.

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Squares and Rectangles
It is one of the favorite shapes that people often use. This shape means simple, balanced, masculine, and dependable. It is also a good fit in framing a photo or an illustration without making a distraction. These pleasing characteristics are a good fit for industrial businesses such as construction firms.

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If you notice the structure of a triangle, you might affiliate it with success. It inclines on the top that means you need to struggle your way to be on top. Take advantage of this shape if you are going to create personalized stickers that can draw attention to your target market. A triangle is commonly used in road signs that need you to be attentive to your surroundings.

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It has no definite sides and it greatly symbolizes a never-ending cycle that represents totality, wholeness, infinite, and timelessness. Globally known businesses are using circles since they are expanding their services internationally and the globe is shaped like a circle that is why they love using circles for their logo.

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Polygons are complex and when they're grouped, they can look like a honeycomb. Its complexity is typically used in tech companies and businesses since they’re unusual from the rest of the shapes and technology strives to evolve every time. If you decide to use it in your sticker logo expect that it will capture people’s attention right away because people are attracted to the things that aren’t familiar to them. 

Aside from knowing how to choose the right color on your custom labels according to psychology, there is always beyond color that meets the eye. Give your customers the visual experience they deserve by formulating the right color and shape for your brand. Once you are confident enough of your logo, let AllStickerPrinting help you with your logo sticker printing needs and we will strategically create a masterpiece to captivate your customers’ subconscious.