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What Custom Labels Can Do for Craft Breweries

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on February 29, 2024

Drinking alcohol is an activity as old as humanity itself. Be it casually drinking at home or hanging out with friends at a bar, everyone has their way of enjoying a beverage. With it being so popular, it is no surprise that the craft brewery industry revenue grew to a staggering $111.5 billion in 2022 and has continued to grow. And with those numbers, it is no surprise that many aspiring business owners step up their own breweries for a piece of the pie. 

But just like running any other business, there are many challenges you’ll face if you want to be successful. The main one is coming up with an original-tasting beer. And the biggest challenge, is how you present your brand and attract customers. After all, it’s hard for customers to try a product they've never heard of. To help your marketing campaign be successful, we’ll give you some tips.

Specifically, we will discuss custom labels and their potential benefits for your brewery business.

Let’s get started.

Establishing Your Identity


Creating high-quality product labels helps you establish your brand identity. Think about every successful business in the world. What do they all have in common? A recognizable brand. It would be best to put your logo on every single bottle you make. Not only that, but it is what distinguishes you from the rest of the competition. It can be tempting to go with a minimal design, but using the bottle as it is can get you lost in the shuffle.

Brewery stickers make fine labels because they are customizable and affordable. Try out multiple designs and styles and see what customers gravitate towards. This way, you can create something that’ll draw in more people as you get recognized. Don’t forget to use this strategy combined with social media campaigns to solidify your chances of success further.

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Use People’s Curiosity


Human beings are naturally curious creatures. We see something new, and if it’s sensible, we want to try it out. You can use this trait to your advantage. An impressive label can draw people’s attention from anywhere. So, if you’ve got customers hosting a party, you’ll want their guests to notice your product just from a glance. A distinct label is both an advertisement for your products and an excellent way for people to get acquainted with your brand.

Of course, you’ll need something special to spark people's curiosity. While an ordinary label could work, you could use special designs. You can use gold vinyl stickers to make the beer look really fancy. You can also try out different combinations to make something unique. With a great design, people will soon recognize your brand for providing high-quality beer.

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Providing Valuable Information


Aside from attracting customers and some advertising opportunities, you should also include some information on your labels. While it may not seem necessary, it can add extra for customers looking out for allergens and other things they want to know about your product. Being transparent about the entire thing can earn you some brownie points and help build your reputation as a brand to be trusted.  

Having valuable information on your labels is also related to meeting industry regulations and standards. You are responsible for keeping your customers safe, so it’s best to have everything out in the open before people buy your product. You’ll also avoid getting in trouble with the FDA and other agencies. 

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Final Thoughts

While a good product is great, you must do much more to elevate it to greatness. Labels and other marketing tools can help you grow your business and have a real presence in the industry. You can also do plenty of different things to improve your brand. We recommend that you check out some guides to improve even further. See you in the next blog.