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Three Myths You Need to Know on Custom Printed Stickers

Advertising is the bread and butter of every business and entrepreneurs spend a fortune to gamble with business strategies that will do the trick. Meanwhile, stickers and labels are one of the ignored marketing tools to promote your business yet its effectiveness should help plenty of business owners if they only knew the importance of stickers and choosing the right sticker company for their product labels. Below, are common misconceptions...

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How to Choose the Right Color on Your Custom Labels According to Psychology

Business owners are thinking more ways to be innovative in keeping their brand visible to consumers but little do they know that the secret to a successful business lies in choosing the right color for their custom labels. Colors play a significant role in people’s purchasing decisions and behavior. Studies show that colors can often be the main reason someone purchases a product....

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Be Crafty with Craft Paper Stickers on this Christmas Season

This modern-day era of our society has to start being more eco-conscious and environmentally friendly, especially now that we are facing a major problem with plastic trash. And these will not only affect health problems in humans and animals but most of a big impact on destroying our planet....

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Five Reasons Why People Like Stickers

Stickers! Business, personalized or both. They are everywhere! If we could have a dollar for everyone we see, we would be millionaires in a month. So why are they so popular? What is so great about them? Why are people so obsessed with sticking a piece of paper to everything and everywhere?...

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How to make your logo sticker design stands out

A logo is a symbol or trademark that a business company possesses to help identify brands, products, and services. A logo is a major foundation of it all. It will allow clients to understand what services you have, who you are, and what you value. ...

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