Custom Decals - best use as Wall & Car Decals

Custom Decals for your personal and business needs, available to be printed on white PVC or transparent vinyl.

Artwork Guidelines

Please make sure that the sticker dimensions are at least 0.39" or more in size. A 0.20" spacing is required in between each sticker.


0.20" spacing between stickers



Stickers less than 0.39" in size cannot be produced

Stickers with 0.20" spacing or less cannot be produced

Size Guidelines

Please ensure that the cutline is 0.39" smaller than the actual sheet size.




TIP In some cases, a 0.04-0.08"
displacment may occur.
A 0.08" spacing is required
at the top, bottom and
sides of the trimline.

Full Bleed(3.307"x2.126")

Trim Line(3.150"x1.969")

Safety Bleed (2.756"x1.575")
Spacing from the Trim Lineー0.39"


Trim Line
Stickers that go beyond the required Safety Bleed cannot be produced

Be informed that prices below are for regular Custom Decal with regular color print, so for Custom Decal with TRANSPARENT background and WHITE PRINT, please get a quote.

  • Turnaround

    Turnaround time will take place after completion of the order.

    Order Date:
    Tuesday, December 18th

    Estimated Date for Printing Completion:
    December 19th — 24th

    Delivery Date:
    December 25th — 31st

    Non-Business Day / Maintenance

    We will do our best to fulfill the expected delivery time, however, please take note that turnaround times are not guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances. If your order is time sensitive or requires faster turnaround than what we have, it would be best to reach out to our CSRs prior to placing the order read more

Custom Decals / Wall Graphics

  • Custom Decals

    Custom decals are the perfect solutions for expressing custom messages for your business attached to windows, walls, floors and a decorating tool for any rooms of your house and vehicles. Getting premium quality decals with your unique designs certainly, captivate your customers' attention. Custom decals are labeling products that extend brand awareness to customers with noteworthy details. These decals have a durable vinyl material that can be applied easily to any smooth surface and clean surface.

    Our custom decals are made of weatherproof and durable vinyl material that will last outdoor use, though it may wear over time in extreme conditions. Decals can be produced in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to create seamless, professional looking design for your desired surface at an affordable price. With our expertise, we can provide solutions to any intricate designs you have. Send us your artwork and rest assured to have high-quality custom decals.

    Compared to our stickers which have minimum quantities, you can have a single order for custom decals at the most affordable prices. And these decals are also useful for wall graphics, laptops, water bottles, mirror decors, bike graphics, and so much more. Custom decals are easy to clean so your designs are always looking sharp and left no residue upon peeling.

    For years, we have been in the business, we always aim to offer great experiences in ordering our products. We believe that a great customer service will bring us a happy customer. Need further information on our decals? We are always available to assist your inquiries. We, at AllStickerPrinting, deliver your products on time right at your doorstep. Wait no longer, get a quote now!

    • Material

      White PVC - Glossy

      White PVC - Matte

      Transparent Vinyl - Glossy

    • Full Color

      Our Custom Decals are printed in rich, full color applications to make sure your artwork stands out and looks vibrant.

    How To Order

    Turnaround Time

    Shipping Option Estimated Time (ETA)
    Standard5-9 Business Days (Including Delivery)

    Should there be urgent delivery requests, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at (516) 360-2772.

  • Uploading Your Own Artwork


    After filling out the desired specifications of your stickers, click the 'Proceed to Order' button, this will redirect you to Order Process page.


    On the Order Process page, you may wish to upload your own artwork by dragging and dropping a file inside the dashed box or by clicking the 'click here' link.


    Please note the following requirements for uploaded artwork:
    File sizes up to 5 Mb are allowed.
    Accepted file types are PDF, DOC or DOCX, AI, EPS, PSD, JPEG and PNG.

  • How To Istall Your Custom Decal/Wall Graphic

    Dry Method (For Small to Medium Applications):

    Download PDF

    1 Clean the surface to which the decal is to be applied.

    2 Place decal on desired location and create a hinge by applying tape on the top.

    3 Raise up your decal and peel the backing paper.

    4 With the adhesive exposed, stick your decal from the top going down the bottom. Squeegee your decal working from the center to the edges of the graphic.

    5 Carefully remove the guide tapes to reveal your newly applied decal.

    Wet Method (For Large Applications):

    Download PDF

    1 Clean the surface to which the decal is to be applied.

    2 Peel off the backing paper of your decal.

    3 Spray application fluid onto the adhesive side and to the desired surface which your decal will be applied on.

    4 Apply your decal onto the surface and adjust its position to your preference.

    5 Squeegee out the fluid and bubbles working from the center to the edges. Spray more application fluid on to the decal to make the squeegee glide smoothly.

    6 Repeat this process until you have remove most of the fluid and bubbles.

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    • 7 months ago

      I requested an enormous divider sticker for my rec centre. I knew it would look incredible, yet I was a little stressed over the establishment procedure. Turns out it was a bit of cake...I could apply it splendidly without any air pockets

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    • 7 months ago

      The quality turned out consummately and they delivered it out super brisk. I will purchase from AllStickerPrinting once more!

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    • 7 months ago

      I love the packagin also the illustrations were on point and clear. It was likewise simple to introduce mine was on door and it looks astonishing! thanks to all of you!

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    • 7 months ago

      I recommend stickers from AllStickerPrinting. The stickers are awesome and are very easy to apply.

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    • 7 months ago

      Order process was a breeze.

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