Standard Vinyl Stickers

This waterproof vinyl sticker is made up of polypropylene material and available with uncoated but matte-looking finish. However, glossy is available upon request. It is ideal to stick them to any smooth surfaces for both indoors and outdoors but for a limited period of time.

What makes them different from the rest?

Stickers come in different variations that have different corresponding uses. These custom vinyl stickers are useful for packaging and branding but it has distinct features that will stand out from the rest. Hence, these are water-resistant and freezer grade that makes them a good candidate for labeling products such as cosmetics, frozen goods, bottles, etc.

What are the benefits of choosing vinyl stickers?

Aside from durability, stickers that are made from vinyl can be used to stick on cold food and beverages because it is resistant to cold, and water due to its polypropylene properties. It is also easily noticeable since it is capable to produce colorful and bright prints that make it a good product label. This is an effective way to get the message if you are hosting a fundraising party, trying to make a change with your advocacy or just advertising your new line of products.

This vinyl material can be used in many industries depending on its usage and exposures. Take the advantage of ordering them at an affordable price here at AllStickerPrinting, the reliable vinyl sticker printing that offers free shipping with fast turnaround time US-wide.