Transparent Stickers

It’s clear and translucent appearance suits well on your product package aesthetic because it effortlessly blends in with the product without over-layering one package to another. They are also waterproof, oil-proof, heat resistant and freezer grade. The material is good for both indoor and temporary outdoor use.

Which products fit well on transparent stickers?

Clear stickers best suit on food, beverage or cosmetic businesses since they are transparent, when stuck on the surface, only your printed design on the sticker will be visible. It can be great with homemade artisan products such as candles, perfumes, oil, and soaps. For colorful designs, we would recommend the process with a white base for visibility & vibrancy purposes.

Why you should choose it?

This sticker type is perfect to use if you want to take advantage of the surface. Custom transparent stickers are great on glass or white surfaces as that's what they look best on. Use outdoors should be non-permanent as these stickers are not UV coated.

What are the shapes available?

Bring out the creativity in you as AllStickerPrinting can provide custom shapes to cater to all our customers’ needs but the commonly-used shapes are rectangle, square, rounded corner, circle, and oval.

Achieving minimal packaging is made easy with these cool clear stickers. It has a gloss finish that makes the product look vigorous and classic. We offer the cheapest clear sticker labels that you can enjoy ordering in bulk without getting broke.