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270 Nutrition Art Paper Stickers Take Their Brand to the Next Level

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on July 23, 2021

It’s quarantine season and nowadays people are staying fit in the comfort of their homes. For health-conscious and fitness-geeks, 270 Nutrition is serving you through good vibes, healthy shakes, energy teas, protein coffee pre/post workout & more that makes them more popular than ever in the business. And we, at AllStickerPrinting has been lucky enough to get the chance to work with Halie Chamberlain (owner), to hear her story and how our printing products and services became part of her success.

Tell us about your company and the products or services you've offered?

270 Nutrition is a nutrition club where people come to hang out and enjoy healthy meal replacement shakes and energy teas! We have a menu of over 100 delicious flavors for people to enjoy. Some other services we offer are one on one health coaching, workout classes, and an amazing community for people to come together, be encouraged, and get inspired!


What is your goal for the community to make your product worth buying?

Our goal is to provide a healthy option for our community while sending out encouraging and positive vibes with every item served. We love getting involved in the community and using our services to pay it forward!

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What made you choose us over the competition?

I first chose to use All Sticker Printing because they were the most affordable and user-friendly website I found for what I was looking for! After one order, I knew I wouldn’t use any other website again. I received an email proof almost immediately and the customer service was incredible. 

How long have you been ordering stickers with AllStickerPrinting?

I've been using AllStickerPrinting for branding my products since September 2019.

How do you use the products you've purchased in your business?

Every item that leaves our store is branded with an encouraging word and our logo on an All Sticker Printing Art Sticker! Our products come in different size plastic cups and bowls and the stickers work GREAT on them, even when the drinks end up sweating from the coldness!


What have you been able to achieve since using our products?

Using the art paper stickers from AllStickerPrinting has taken my brand to another level! Our social media presence has grown and remains strong- never to be confused with any other business because we are ALWAYS branded! These stickers are not only great for social media branding, but also for creating curiosity throughout the community that leads to conversations about our brand and business!

How did our stickers contribute to your business?

Everyone loves having the bright touch of our logo on their drinks. The quality for the price is phenomenal. We couldn't ask for a better way to rep our brand day in and day out!

Would you recommend AllStickerPrinting to anyone? And why?

Answer: Yes & I have! I would recommend AllStickerPrinting for many reasons - superior quality of the product, extremely affordable, user-friendly website, a large variety of products, amazing customer service, prompt response time! An overall great experience every time.

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