Learn how stickers help brand and package Amba Products

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on August 10, 2018

While Europeans, and other nations around the world had been drying and warming their towels on radiators for years, most Americans had no experience with them. In fact, the perception persisted that they were a luxury out of reach for most American families.

Learn how Amba Products changed this view and how they continue to help and inspire people all over the world. 

Amba-products-790-printed stickers

Tell us about your company and the products or services you've offered?

We are a specialty distributor of heated towel racks across the North America's-we sell to web retailers and showrooms supplying a wide-range of styles and applications. Since 2004 we have expanded our customers to almost 2600 showrooms across the US and Canada, including locations in Central America and islands like the Bahamas. 


How do you make business? 

We help support our showrooms and retailers with a range of point-of-sale materials and online support including printed material and digital images.

What keeps you going?

Being a small company we have to outsource a lot of our large-scale production, and also specifically for custom production work.


What made you consider using stickers? 

Answer: We were looking to support a specific group of showrooms and retailers that fall into a buying group for luxury products by supplying them with custom stickers to add to our product "binder" (Three-ring binder that holds all our point of sale material and showroom information) that we distribute to all our showrooms.  

What made you decide to choose AllStickerPrinting? 

Answer: After searching Google for a custom sticker that would fit our size requirements (1/2" x 3/4") I finally found AllStickerPrinting and within a week I had my custom stickers printed perfectly and delivered safely and quickly. Everyone was happy and it could not have been easier! Thanks!