5 Advantages and Benefits of Using Holographic Stickers

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on August 17, 2023

The popularity of holographic stickers has been on the rise for many years now. Its distinct, rainbow-like look attracts people of all ages. If used together with your brand, it can produce very positive results.

“In 2021, the holographic sticker market grew at a steady pace. It is expected that the market will rise over the projected horizon” -  MarketWatch

The highly versatile nature of holo stickers allows companies to use them in many different ways. Not only that, but the artistic value of this sticker makes it very popular in industries that are different from each other.

In today's blog, we will be talking about the advantages of using these items for your business.


Extremely Eye Catching

Due to their design, hologram stickers can be immediately recognized from far away. This matters a great deal because it will allow your customers to recognize your product right away. Make sure that the sticker contains your logo to pique the curiosity of people who have yet to hear of your company or brand. A holographic sticker also brings a uniqueness to the item you are trying to market. 

Your sticker should be able to stand with its competitors. Many brands are also trying this approach, so you must have something special or unique. 

Along with having holographic materials, you should consider matching it with pretty packaging. So don’t hesitate to go all in on crazy and creative designs.


Increased Security and Authenticity

Aside from it looking phenomenal, the biggest reason that many companies use custom hologram stickers may come off as a surprise. 

Holographic materials are widely used as a method to prove the authenticity of a product. These variations are referred to as security hologram stickers. By applying this kind of item to their products and marketing, brands are able to prevent counterfeiting and give their products a more legitimate look.

Having holographics as your authentication seal can set you apart from other companies. Another fun way to promote customer engagement is to inlay a message in each sticker. Your customers will appreciate the extra steps you take to ensure they receive the right product from you.

Moving away from the business side of things, holographic stickers can also be used by staff members and employees. Similar to how brands use these for authentication, companies can use them to create tighter security.

Endless Customization

Endless Customization

The options for customization are boundless. As stated, holographic stickers can be used for security purposes and branding. But it doesn’t end there. 

You can also design it with a QR code plastered on it. If you are working on a current promotion, this is the perfect way to spread the word. The QR code can take potential customers directly to the product or your social media pages, where they can engage with your team.

If you aren’t promoting something, you can make things more convenient for your customers. By making use of a QR code sticker, you can help each person buy their products at a quicker pace. QR code stickers are a convenient tool if you are doing a giveaway, allowing people to sign up without any hassle at all.


Great Longevity

So not only do these look great, but they are also very durable. Made with a laminate, you can stick these holos anywhere, and they are guaranteed to last. If you are dealing with products that frequently get wet, such as shampoo bottles, then these will serve you right.

Combined with its excellent feature in creating security and authenticity, a holographic sticker can give your company so many uses. Securing these items will give your brand logos that can last a very long time.

The durability of this sticker also means that it can be used to market outdoors aggressively. It can withstand rain without any issues at all.


Cost Effective

With all of these amazing features, it would be fair to think that these stickers would cost you a pretty penny. However, that is not the case.

These are cheap custom stickers that you can buy in bulk. If you have a need for holographic security items, then you don’t have to worry about the cost. 

When doing a sticker marketing campaign, the cost-effectiveness of this sticker makes it a favorite among many small businesses. 

You don’t have to spend a gross amount of money to look fancy and luxurious, the sticker does it all for you at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

Using holographic stickers has more advantages as you use them. Find out how they are able to give your company a boost! It is always fun to experiment with different approaches to marketing and advertising.

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