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Five Reasons Why People Like Stickers

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on October 28, 2021

Stickers are everywhere! If we could have a dollar for everytime we see it, we would be millionaires in a month. So why are they so popular? What is so great about them? Why are people so obsessed with sticking a piece of paper to everything and everywhere?

So many questions on something so simply made, yet understanding why people make such a big deal of them is a mystery. But just like any other mystery--it has answers. So here are five reasons why a lot of people like stickers:

1. Stickers reflect who we are

Do you recall our adolescent years in high school, when we were figuring out who we were, what sort of music we liked, what sports we wanted to play, and whether we characterized ourselves as cool people or geeks? We learn a lot about someone’s personality just by looking at his or her sticker collection, whether a guy likes airplanes over cars or a girl prefers robots to Barbie. They helped define who we see ourselves as.  

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2. The best tool for DIY’s and even businesses

Companies utilized a lot of custom stickers as promotional, advertising, and marketing materials before the Digital era because of their low prices and great efficacy. Even now, regardless of modern digital capability, they are still utilized for promotional and business operations to expand one's or a company's reach into society. Even politicians use them to promote themselves for votes via giveaways or freebies. Large corporations, like Apple, employ holographic stickers to depict the high quality of their products by placing them on packages or on the product itself, iPhone packaging. Consequently, learning how to create a logo for small businesses is also a stepping stone for your start-up business.

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3. Can also be a medium for communication

Through the use of images, words, or even both, we can achieve wonders by how we can relay messages across just by a simple piece of paper material with a small amount of adhesive. The ability to stimulate a person's emotions, where the message can be relatable to people, is what makes these simple paper materials so effective in relaying messages, thoughts, and even life quotes to people. It can either turn a person's gloomy day into a good one, help someone go through a heartbreak, or simply share a simple joke along the sidewalk to break the ice during people's serious daily grind. 

4. They allow us to be sentimental 

Speaking of stimulating emotion, they can also stimulate the memory of moments or the excitement of an adventure waiting to happen. When we go to a new location, we are most likely to stop by a souvenir store to purchase a keychain, fridge magnet, or stickers.

Adding printed stickers to our daily belongings allows us to take the time to appreciate the fact that we can travel to certain places just by looking at them as not everyone is fortunate enough to travel the world. We can name a few people who collect rare custom-made stickers wherever they travel, as it gives them a sense of accomplishment, like a badge of honor for getting this far in life

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5. Expression of creativity

There is no such thing as a badly designed sticker because it all comes down to one's imagination of creating the design, maybe the person purposely made their sticker art to look funny, to look grunge, etc., because that's part of who they are, what they like depending on the uses of the sticker and they are pouring out their personality towards their canvas, which is a piece of paper or vinyl with adhesive at the back.

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There's no doubt that personalized stickers are as popular as any other hot item trend. This demand is the primary reason why businesses are able to implement a game-changing approach to promote their brands. Not only may they be used for business, but they can also be used to help people advertise themselves in political campaigns. Its usefulness is as vast as its purpose. How about you? What are your reasons?