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How to Create a Logo for Small Business

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on July 15, 2021

As you’ve read success stories from renowned businesses, you will notice that they started things small. Starting things big too soon can be a recipe for disaster because you are in the phase where you’re still testing the waters. It's the kind of phase where you are still exploring what your target customers are and how you can swoon them with your products and services.

When it comes to handling your dream business, taking things one step at a time is the ideal thing to do. You can start with creating your business logo all by yourself. To keep things rolling, here are some details you need to know about logos and what is their role in a successful business.

What is a logo?

It is a design or symbol that reflects a business, company, or organization’s mission and vision. A logo can leave a statement that makes your brand unique and memorable from other brands that offer similar services or products too. Therefore, they are a visual representation of your brand that can be used to put on business cards, custom stickers, and as your display picture for your social media handles.


Why is an effective logo important?

An effective logo is one of the driving forces behind brand loyalty. A good logo is like making a lasting impression on your first date. It acts like a believable model endorser. Also, it is easier to establish a rare connection between a brand and consumer if you have a good logo. You don’t need to convince people to try your products or services because they trust your brand. That is how you'll determine if your logo has great potential.

Whether you are creating it by yourself or know what to say when you start working with a professional logo designer. Here are the following steps on how you can pull off creating logo stickers.

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Study the process
If you choose to create it on your own or by a professional graphic designer, you still need to understand the entire process. This will help you create the best logo design or know how you can give the right instructions when brainstorming your ideas with a designer. In this way, you’ll avoid unnecessary conflicts that kill time and compromise the overall quality.

When you know the entire process, you can proceed with logo creation and take note of the following:

1. Research your industry and learn more about its history and competitive landscape.

2. After gathering all your research, start reviewing their logo design. Analyze their similarities, differences, the things you do to stand out from them.

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Understand your business

Yes, we said to do in-depth research about your industry and your competitors but it doesn’t mean that you will be ignoring your business’ DNA. You’ll have a difficult time creating an effective logo if you don’t totally understand the essence of your business and the value it gives to your customers. Before you start and create a few designs, you must integrate the brand you see for your business. Try to figure out what makes you different and the reasons why your customer keeps on coming back to you.  

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Keep it simple

We start it by telling you that you should start it small in running a business and the same goes with the logo creation process. You should make it simple and don’t do anything drastic because they might have a hard time remembering your logo. When it comes to creating your own brand, always remember that your goal is to make it easier for people to identify your logo from your competitors. You can take inspiration from Nike’s iconic “swoosh” logo and multinational tech giant Apple’s unforgettable “bitten apple” logo. Both of them are simple yet very significant in their own right.

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Stop using obvious symbols
It is hard to stand out if you are using overly-used symbols. For example, if you are selling organic products, you use a tree logo. Stop using obvious symbols that are uncreative and boring. They're typically used by your competitors so don’t join the bandwagon if you don’t want to be recognized as a generic brand or much worse, a copycat. 


Don’t be afraid to add a tagline

What do a logo and a tagline look like to you? Yes, that's right, a credible logo design! Big companies combine both of them in their product labels and you can corporate that in your custom logo stickers too. One of the effective examples to look up to is the KFC logo and ‘Its finger lickin’ good’ tagline. You can notice that the tagline and the logo can stand alone. People can still remember Colonel Sanders' image and the catchphrase as synonymous with the brand since Sanders started selling his famous fried chicken in 1930. 

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Ask for constructive feedback

Lastly, before you print bulk logo stickers or other promotional products with your chosen design, you should present your finished artwork to the people you trust. You value their suggestions too because their opinion is based on goodwill. This will avoid you from creating a blunt logo design that can ruin your business’s hard-earned reputation.

The secret to creating unique labels is where you give a lot of thought. This means you'll face a lot of revision so hang on because you’re doing an excellent job throughout the process. If you are aiming for less revision time, these six tips can help you create the best ones in a shorter time span.