Wedding Planner Business Card

Must-Try Wedding Planner Business Card Ideas

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on March 18, 2021

Being a professional events planner is fun and finding new clients can be challenging. Using business cards can make things easier for you because it helps you to stand out from the competition since it has all the important information in one handy card. In this blog, we’ll help you get your spotlight as we show you design ideas that you might want to incorporate into your own party planning calling cards.

Use dainty florals 

If you are an expert in planning wedding events, you can use designs or patterns that convey femininity and intimacy that make your clients say ‘I do’ to your services. Using delicate floral designs into your business cards can do the trick and if you want to highlight the floral design, you can add texture or simply laser-engrave it.


Make use of your business logo

When you already have a beautiful business logo in your hands, why don’t you just use it and as a patterned background to leave a grand statement on your cards? You don’t need to hire a professional graphic designer to create a new business card design that makes it a practical choice. All you need is your logo and your imagination in experimenting with different patterns and styles.


Wedding cake pattern

When you think of weddings, a wedding cake comes first in your mind. Use the wedding cake pattern into your laser cut business cards that will make your calling cards unique from your competitors. This also works best when you use the right colors (preferably pastel hues) and the right font too. 


The minimalist approach

If you want your business branding to reflect elegance and class, you can try a minimal business card design. Aside from being effortlessly luxurious, this design can make your customers easily recall your entire business because it is simple and straightforward that different age groups can appreciate.



When you don’t want to use images or logos on your calling cards, putting a typography design can be a safer yet stylish option you can use. The right use of font style and sizes can make an interesting cohesive look. If you want to add more beauty to it, you might want to put a gold or silver spot. 


Here are trending business card designs you might want to try for your own wedding planning business. If you are in need of a local printing company that offers high-quality yet cheap calling cards, you can depend on our team of printing experts here at AllStickerPrinting. Give our products and services a try and experience a fast turnaround time.