How Ciao Bella Sewing Uses Custom Stickers to Patch Back an Old Pastime in Winnetka

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on May 23, 2023

Ciao Bella Sewing only has one ultimate mission: to bind creativity and originality among children and adults by providing sewing classes in their local community.

About Ciao Bella Sewing

Turning her passion for fashion design and sewing into a full-time profession, Taylor Ioannou decided to open Ciao Bella Sewing. Together with her crew, they work to preserve the skill in their community in Winnetka, Illinois.


Image from Ciao Bella Sewing

They provide sewing and fashion design classes for children and adults as a creative outlet, and to promote arts.

“We are large supporters of the arts in the community. We are unique and different because we are bringing back a lost past time.”

Their sewing classes are taught in local park districts, community centers, and schools around Chicago’s North Shore to reach more individuals who might take an interest in the craft. They provide a great avenue to adults who wish to get back to such needlecraft, all while being surrounded by friends of the same hobby interest.

Many of the children in their community get the chance to explore the world of fashion and learn practical sewing skills by offering summer camps and workshops for passionate young individuals. The company also offers a fun and creative alternative to celebrating children’s birthdays with their birthday party packages.


Image from Ciao Bella Sewing

Upon seeing everyone’s enthusiasm and eagerness to master the craft, Ciao Bella Sewing Studio was built. They were able to expand their classes from parks and community centers into their very own space, where they also provide private lessons for everyone who wishes to learn more about sewing machines.

Thanks to Taylor’s earnest dedication to promoting arts and crafts, sewing is slowly being revived as a wholesome hobby for everyone to get involved in their locality.

You can learn more about Ciao Bella Sewing by visiting their website at or checking them on social media.

How Ciao Bella Sewing spreads the stitching spirit with stickers

Ciao Bella Sewing strives to maximize their presence in the community. And custom stickers are a cost-effective way to achieve their purpose of attracting new students to grow their sewing community.


Ciao Bella Sewing Branding Stickers

Image from Ciao Bella Sewing

They fixed upon getting art paper stickers in kiss cut supply from AllStickerPrinting to feature their logo, which is a charming illustration of a baby pink sewing machine with polka dots. They cleverly included their brand name and website link on the design for easy access to more information.

Giving away stickers is definitely an ingenious way for Ciao Bella Sewing to promote their services. Here are four reasons why.


Student engagement and appreciation

The stickers are offered to everyone who comes to their studio to learn. This approach helps them foster strong relationships with their student community by using the sticker prints as a token of appreciation and creating a sense of belonging and pride among them. Students will be reminded of their sewing journey and the new skills they have acquired from Ciao Bella Sewing every time they see it.


Brand ambassadors

Unconsciously, with the custom logo stickers affixed on each student’s belongings, they have become brand ambassadors helping the company generate exposure to a wider audience. Whether it is applied to a laptop, notebook, or water bottle, it can pique curiosity among friends and strangers.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing

Stickers are great conversation starters. If someone inquires about the eye-catching logo on a student’s item, they will be prompted to share about Ciao Bella Sewing and their positive learning experiences with the company. This recommendation holds a significant impact on drawing new students to the business.


Community building

Handing out stickers enables Ciao Bella Sewing to nurture their sewing community. Students can instantly recognize each other through the colored paper stickers on their respective personal items. Their shared interest and passion can help establish a bond among them, forming a friendship that transcends age and gender.

The company helps create a supportive community, strengthen its brand reputation, and encourage continued student engagement.

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