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How to Design Stickers to Enhance Your Product Packaging

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on January 13, 2023

Imagine putting your product on the shelf with plenty of similar products from different brands. How will the consumers identify your brand? What makes your product stand out on the shelves? 

Competition in the market is complex because many business owners and marketers continuously innovate and improve their packaging designs. 

This is why product packaging plays a vital role in your business. Its appearance must showcase a unique selling proposition and catch customers’ attention.

"7 out of 10 consumers agree that packaging design has an impact on their purchasing decision." — Globe News Wire

Selling a product is one thing, but providing customer satisfaction in all aspects is another thing and is more vital.

You have to present your product in a professional and presentable manner. It helps the customers identify your brand easily and gives them an excellent customer experience. 

How do Stickers Help Enhance Your Product Packaging?




                                                                   Photo by: Ecletters

It’s no secret that stickers are flexible marketing materials and help boost brand recognition. You can use it to your advantage without breaking the bank.

Using stickers as part of your marketing tool enhances your product packaging. It boosts your branding and improves the entire appearance.

In fact, you can create and design your own logo stickers without breaking the bank in easy ways.

To go in-depth, let us start by using Canva:


1. Open Canva and Login Your Credentials

Go to Canva and log in with your credentials to get started. You can enter your Facebook or Gmail credentials. After that, start searching for sticker templates. 


2. Select the Best Sticker Template

Stickers differ in designs, shapes, and sizes for different purposes. Consider what it is intended for and where you plan to employ it in your branding strategy. 

Size and shape do matter as much as the design itself. Custom stickers can be used for sealing boxes, envelopes, tamper-evident seals, or tissue paper-wrapped seals. You could also employ it to label your food products, gift bags, parcel, bottles, and containers or as an extra gift in a package.

Select the best templates that resonate with your product packaging needs.


3. Customize and Tweak the Elements

Start customizing and tweaking all the elements that suit your branding. Remember, less is more. Never overdo the design, or you will end up in trouble. Play and explore all the elements until you master the proper blending.

Fonts, color schemes, graphic photos, and other elements are crucial to your brand consistency. Make it catchy, authentic, and visible to your audience.

4. Review and Polish Your Design

After tweaking the layouts and all the elements, review your work and polish it if necessary. A keen-to-detail attitude helps ensure your design is perfect enough to be printed out. 

See any typo or grammatical errors, correct positioning of elements, and appropriate color scheme.


5. Save Your Work and Download

Once done and satisfied with the result, you can save and download your work. If you are not a Canva Pro User, you can only download it in PNG, JPEG, and PDF.

Now is the time to think about where you can print your design. You can actually do it at home if you have the equipment needed. But if you want a premium-quality sticker, going to a reliable sticker printing service is a must. It saves you time, money, and trouble if you create a mistake.


Final Thoughts

Possibilities are endless when designing your stickers in a DIY way. Many resources are gathered online to help you in your project. But if you want a more secure and professional outcome, you can hire a graphics designer to do the design for you. After that, you can find reliable printing services that offer high-quality custom-printed stickers.