Lettering Vinyl Decals

Clever Ways to Use Vinyl Lettering to Draw Passersby Inside Your Flower Shop

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on April 26, 2023

To promote your flower shop and draw people in, all you need is a glass window and some bright and bold vinyl lettering stickers.

With powerful advertising right at your storefront, you can convert a passerby into a customer. That is because flowers are a universal commodity. A person buys them for a lot of possible reasons - and sometimes for no reason at all.

Fun fact: Did you know that in a given year in the US, around 35% of the cut flowers sold are roses? Meanwhile, Americans' top reasons for buying flowers are birthdays and anniversaries.

By strategically placing vinyl letterings on glass windows, you can create a vibe that will motivate people who were simply walking by to come inside and check out what's in store.

Here are clever ways you can use vinyl lettering stickers on your storefront window to attract customers.


Business Name

Of course, topping the list would be your business name. It is important that when customers walk past your store, they already become aware of your business name.

Personally design the letterings for your brand name in bold letters and bright colors for emphasis. That way, it is easy to catch people’s eyes.

Another advantage of store window lettering is that it is on display 24/7. Even after your closing time, you still get to generate exposure to the crowd.

This approach also makes it effortless to reinforce your branding and make your name recognizable to those who frequently walk by and see your store.


Contact Information

Your storefront window also makes a good solution for giving potential customers easy access to your contact details. And perhaps save it for future needs.

They do not need to look it up online (and end up seeing a competitor’s information) because what they need is readily available right there and then.

Include as well your social media accounts and website so they can follow you online.


Store Hours

Another piece of information that customers are likely to ask would be what time you open and close your shop.

Place it close to the contact information so they can easily send an inquiry if they happen to come while you are already closed for the day.


List of Products and Services

Let customers know from the get-go what flowers are available and the related services you offer.

You can think of your glass window as your very own billboard that you can leverage to make your store appealing to passersby. Don’t forget to highlight your unique selling points, too.

Whether you offer delivery services or allow customers to arrange their own flowers, announce that using bright and bold window lettering decals.


Sales Promotion

No words are more effective in making passersby stop and look at your window display than “Sale” and “Discount.”

Advertise your seasonal promotions and exclusive offers to entice them to purchase before it ends. Fortunately, lettering decals are easy to apply and remove, so you can conveniently replace the designs whenever necessary.


Inspiring Quotes

If not by creating a sense of urgency, another way to get people’s attention using stickers on your storefront is by posting inspiring words that resonate with your customers.

Sayings and quotations may not directly advertise your product, but they can evoke a positive impression towards shoppers.

When you order vinyl lettering stickers for your storefront window, they come pre-cut and pre-spaced, so pasting them is definitely so easy. Plus, vinyl stickers have waterproof and UV-resistant features, so they surely last long on surfaces despite exposure to the elements.

Final Thoughts

It is always a good idea to make the most out of your business space, and windows are not an exception. Apart from adding aesthetics to your shop, lettering vinyl is also effective in building passersby’s curiosity about your shop and excitement to get their hands on beautiful flowers.