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Photographers' Ultimate Guide to Better Branding Using Custom Stickers

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on March 03, 2023

Being in the photography business with multiple competitors is no ordinary task. Step up with your marketing strategies to win clients over clients.

Before you worry about many things, pay attention to how you can boost your brand presence. Why? Because it lets people recognize your products or services.

In fact, around 34,301 professional photographers are employed in the United States. It was dominated by women 52.6%, while men are only 47.4%.

Since what you offer is no different from the others, you have to bring unique value to make your services desirable to the customers.

"Did you know that better branding makes a huge difference? It makes the consumers distinguish the value and the quality of your business." — Smart Insights



Photo by: Odette Photo+Art

You have to establish good branding to gain the trust and loyalty of many clients. Here are the following ways you can employ stickers in your photography business:


Employ Stickers in Packaging

Nothing is more exciting than unboxing a parcel wrapped nicely with an alluring presentation. Sure your clients are excited to receive a copy of their wedding photographs. But adding a unique touch to your packaging increases dopamine and gives excitement.

You can use logo stickers to seal your custom mailers and let people know where it is coming from. It is about adding value in a world full of me-too products. It makes your brand more noticeable because of your creativity and professionalism.


Plaster a Vehicle Stickers

Another way to boost brand recognition is by adding stickers to your vehicle. Bumper stickers are the best option to ensure durability and longevity outdoors. It serves as your mini portable billboard to give awareness about your photography business.

Imagine the number of people able to see your advertisement plastered on your vehicle. One thing they will notice first is the design. And if it is catchy enough, they will read further information. You have to awaken their interest by creating a well-designed sticker and a message that speaks directly to them.


Offer Photo Stickers

You can expand your products or services to your clients by offering them photo stickers. And when you do, make sure to give them a persuasive explanation. Tell them why photo stickers are great memorabilia and for decoration purposes, especially for newlyweds.

It can be plastered on a coffee mug, tumbler, laptop, or any visible item. Custom photo stickers are also great for wall decoration inside the room as a part of memories collections.


Install Custom Wall or Window Decals

Create a professional atmosphere in your photo studio by sticking custom decals on your wall and window. It promotes your business and gives information like hours of operation, social media, and contact details. These decals are known as durable and do not peel off easily.

It helps build brand presence, especially if your studio is new in that location. Make people aware that you offer photography services in that area


Include Thank You Stickers

Showing gratitude helps build an emotional connection and relationship between you and the clients. Your good customer service and professionalism might make them repeat business with you. Plaster a thank you sticker in your packaging and place it inside or outside.

It adds attraction to your packaging presentation and shows how professional you are. One of the goals is to make a lasting impression on your clients and win their loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Good branding always plays an integral role in the business, no matter what industry you are in. It helps differentiate your business, what you offer, and what makes you unique compared to your competitors. You give good value to make the clients choose you over the others.