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7 Reasons Custom Water Bottle Labels Are Great For Your Business

Posted by AllStickerPrinting on September 07, 2022

It pays to innovate and personalize in a world full of similar products.

Why? Because it helps you stand out among your competitors. Making it easy for your products to be more noticeable on the shelves.

Being in the bottled water space is tough. But you could gain huge profits if you know how to market and position your product.

The bottled water industry was valued at USD 283.01 billion in 2021. Its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to increase by 6.7% from 2022 to 2030. Around 91% or 9 in 10 Americans want bottled water to be available where other drinks are sold.

The statistic shows there is space for your products to gain profits.

So why is it essential to customize your water bottle labels, and how impactful is it for your business?

Find out the seven reasons why:


Classic Social Media

Before the internet becomes the norm, stickers are the classic social media back in the day. It was an effective promotional tool, word-of-mouth marketing, and still working nowadays. Customizing water bottle labels gives you confidence when presenting the product in the market.

A new fad of marketing may occur, but the use of stickers in promoting business remains timeless.


Improves Hydration

Bottled water is the most consumed and popular beverage in the United States. You can encourage people to drink more by incorporating a simple message, slogan, or fun facts about drinking water in your label. It improves hydration which promotes a healthy lifestyle.

A witty custom sticker or label makes drinking more engaging and exciting.


Eliminates Boredom

People are more accustomed to personalization. Show your creative and playful side by customizing water bottles to eliminate dullness. An efficient custom label reflects how professional and dedicated you are as a business owner. Make it more engaging to attract more target customers.


Reasonable Price

One good thing about custom labels is that they are reasonable and efficient. You can always promote goods and services without spending huge money on advertisements. You can order in bulk to help you save more while enjoying the benefits of savings.



Custom labels are flexible. It was cut in different shapes and sizes and consisted of different finishings. Its versatility is what makes personalizing water bottles a bit fun. It shows your creative and funny side while being professional to meet your marketing goals.


Boost Brand Identity

Visual elements are essential when creating a brand presence. The goal is to make a recognizable name and logo that people will remember. And if the entire design workout, it will do the marketing for you. You could draw more potential customers to patronize your product.

Tighten-Your-Relationship- With-the-Customer-Stickers

Tighten Your Relationship With the Customer

Customer wants to feel special in all ways. A customize water bottle is another way of saying that you care for their welfare. And you don’t just give them any product but a customized one. It builds rapport with your customer, which tightens the relationship.

Customers might repeat business with you if satisfied with the products and services or recommend it to their friends and family.

Building a rapport with your customers is vital as selling products. You have to show what's in it for them and why they should buy from you instead of your competitors. Your custom water bottle label will showcase its unique selling proposition.

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