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Made to order vinyl and paper stickers in bulk at wholesale price.




Create eye-catching custom stickers and labels to catch the attention of the public and build brand awareness. These are the cost-effective and perfect way to spread the word about your business, product or service. Aside from promotional purposes, it can also be used for personal, events and other celebrations that require labels.

As one of the cheapest bulk sticker provider in the US, AllStickerPrinting remains committed to providing top-quality labels, decals, and other branding products to valued clients. We make sure ‘personal touch’ is added to your products and brand. Besides, we use high-quality paper & vinyl-based material to meet your demands.

Paper-based stickers are one of our cult favorites because it is affordable and great for labeling, branding, advertising, and can be served as a giveaway or freebies. This can be also used in special events or any celebrations. Since this is made of paper, it's durability is suitable for indoor or non-permanent applications only. In either way, they still look incredibly chic and easy to use.

While vinyl based stickers are intended for outdoor use because it is waterproof, oil-proof, and freezer-grade that makes it also a good choice for food and beverage products; needs to be preserved at cold temperature or more exposures on water or sunlight. Hence, this is the prime choice of entrepreneurs for their cosmetic products, wines, frozen goods, etc.

We have a broad range of sizes, shapes, and colors to meet both individual and business labeling needs. We use top-notch materials and adhesives to make it versatile, durable and useful for various applications.

Having the best team in the field, we able to produce high-quality custom stickers in bulk for our valued customers. Hence, we remain to be one of New York’s cheap wholesale stickers printing companies that offer proofing with your approval, fast turnaround time and free shipping to meet the deadline. Get made to order bulk stickers with us now!